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In perioada 11-14 septembrie Charlie (Hammerstaff Dutch Lavander) a fost montata la Nantes cu Jazz (Uk&Fr Champion Jazz De Power Breton).

Monta fusese planificata pentru viitorul ciclu de calduri, la inceputul lui 2017 insa datorita faptului ca  Charlie a intrat in calduri mult mai devreme toate planurile au fost date peste cap. 

Charlie being Charlie started her season way earlier than planned and, even if we didn't have any plans for her for this year we had to pack our tent, some clothes and 4 staffords in our car and drove to Amelie, in Nantes. 

Even if our trip was unexpected and in a terrible hurry, leaving things a bit "in the air" at home and during our 7000 km drive being forced to sleep 5 nights in our car seats that we could not extend due to girls crates, we ended having a fantastic time during it. And this due to fantastic friends we've been able to make over the years.

First Amelie who, despite short free time due to her planned trip to UK for showing Jazz, spent all this free time (and even managed to find some more) with us, chatting, visiting the city and even cooking for us (2 fingers :P). Enjoyed the city, the food and mostly the company. 

Then there were Melanie and Baptiste, Hera's owners who travelled from Rouen to meet us in Nantes, and we are really grateful for allowing us to see and cuddle with Hera and for a great day together.

And then, on our way back home, a not so short but definetly worthing detour to Holland, catching up for a few hours with Marco and Jeanine, always such an warm welcome and great time and of course, the soup ....:).

On wendsey we left Nantes, us heading Holland and Amelie heading UK. And the same week-end , when we bearly reached home, 2 sows in a row and 2 CC's for Jazz becoming UK Champion. A worthy champion must say, a really impressive dog.

We're having such high hopes for this litter, there are all the necesarry signs that mating was done at the right moment yet still 2 weeks to wait until pregnancy scan. And this is why I'm updating the site, as I'm terrible at waiting :D

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 Vadim este un mascul puternic de 9 luni, cu caracter tipic pentru rasa. Iubitor cu oamenii, stafford cu alte animale, iubeste miscarea in aer liber, alearga dupa minge si bici. Daca se misca suficient si isi consuma energia afara in casa e foarte cuminte. Muscatura perfecta.


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asteptand puiutii lui Charlie

In martie am calatorit din nou in Franta, la Nantes, pentru a repeta monta blondei cu Jazz. Din fericire acum Charlie e rotunjoara bine si asteptam puiutii in 14-15 mai. 

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