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We are Sergiu and Catalina and together we own the affix HAMMERSTAFF.

During the last 20 years we had have different breeds, but the arrival onto this world of our first son, Petru, made us start searching for a new breed, a breed capable to fit in our new familial status and handle the boisterous nature of our son.

The 2 wirehair dachshund females that we had at the time were…. overwhelmed by the extraordinary character of Petru. So we started with a list of possible candidates and traveled across the country to see if those breeds are what we want in terms of blood lines, character, prices…; for some of them we needed to check if they can adjust to the conditions that we could provide, since we live in a flat. After several dog shows, in 2005 at Tg. Mures CACIB we saw again, first time in many years, a Staffordshire bull terrier. It was a Courtesy Title kennel male from Hungary and, in that moment, the list just vanished. The only possibility that left was, obviously, “the nanny dog”.

So, here we are in Nov of 2005 traveling Hungary, to Tata, for a CACIB and a SBT special, Tarr Geza Memorial judged by famous Tommy Curd. Of course, after the show we went visiting a few kennels and finally choose a male from Courtesy Title. Our first SBT, first love, Pispis, was chosen exclusively for his character and although pretty successful in shows he remains the best companion ever.

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Sergiu&Catalina Stefan

Available pups

We have 1 promissing puppy male available for the right owners.

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waiting for Charlie's babies

Charlie and Jazz's pups are expected half may, blondie is showing a big belly and the babies are already playing with the ball inside :)

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